Checklist: 20 Signs of Possible Infidelity

  1. Changing habits
  2. Leaving the house early and returning late
  3. Business trips
  4. Holiday or family event absences
  5. Excessive overtime
  6. Unexplained spending
  7. Secret accounts (Instagram, email)
  8. Hidden credit card bills
  9. Extra grooming
  10. Scent of someone else (typical lipstick on the collar)
  11. Buying gifts you haven’t seen
  12. Unexplained items – condoms in the car are a giveaway
  13. Joining a gym
  14. Missed calls from an unknown number
  15. Coded or secretive text messages
  16. Less sex
  17. Evasiveness or defensiveness
  18. Obvious lies
  19. Prickliness or short temper
  20. Hate surprise visits (your unexpected arrival may come at an inopportune time for a cheater)

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