Breaking Out of Box Identities

You see this everywhere now.

You are this. You are that. You must be this. You must be that.

The labels and accompanying shame is endless.

If it wasn’t for identity exploitation or labels, many of us wouldn’t have anything to say.

It’s as if you are placed on a corporate conveyer belt prepped for someone else’s sale.

A mere cog in the machine.

This is no way to live.

Why do some people insist on shoving your identity in a “box”?

Well that part is easy.

Some want comfort at your expense.

Some see you as an object for an agenda.


Your authenticity must be suppressed at the expense of others. That must end.

These days, this is the norm, and it’s sad.

Your identity is yours to own.

We are humans. Unique to our own likings.

We must break out of box identities to recapture our own identity within.

Most of us have our own unique lives and have nothing to do with box identities.

You see this in politics, religions, cultures, etc.

Who are you though?

You have a choice to make this day and age.

Will you allow your identity to be hijacked for the comfort of others?

Or will you protect your identity from being exploited for the comfort of others?

The choice has always been yours.

Your identity is 100% yours to own and it should never be traded for anything or anyone.

Box identities pluck your pedals and leaves.

Only to leave you with thorns.

Stay unique and remain one of a kind.

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