Are You Bugged?

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

It may be time for a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) inspection by an anchorage private investigator.

Bug sweeps are on the rise and are a frequently requested service in Alaska.

With the rise in technology becoming more affordable, easier to conceal and adaptable, it is more convienient for those with exploitive intentions to eavesdrop on a target to gather potentially costly information.

Common scenarios that increase risk to being bugged:


• Open lawsuit

• Intent to downsize or planning to downsize

• In an industry that relies on insider confidential information

• Tense government or political involvement

Personal affairs:

• Divorce or custody litigation

• An open insurance claim

• In a position of power or influence, in business and/or politics

• Is a pastor or a church leader

• Works in law enforcement, security, or the judicial system.

Other Examples:

• Some seem to have found out about personal matters or insider business activities

• If it is a business, there are signs that a competitor or vendor has obtained the business’ internal information. (Ex. Any gifts given by competitors or vendors)

In the Home and Office:

• Evidence of a break in, nothing taken or new objects observed. Fixtures appear to be shifted. (Covert camera lenses can be as small as a button, making them easy to conceal in general fixtures).

• Ceiling tiles moved (not maintenence related).

• Odd vehicles parked outside nearby.

• Spy gear can be exit signs, tissue boxes, lamps, clocks, charging blocks.

• Odd shapes in baseboard.


• GPS planted (you are being followed)

If you feel you may be bugged reach out to an anchorage private investigator with Alaska Investigations Group at (907) 232-4731 or use the form below to submit a request for contact:

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