Cyber Investigations

Forensics and Data Recovery for Businesses, Individuals or Attorneys

  • 20 years of IT industry experience
  • Resourcefully networked within the industry
  • US agency experience
  • Proven track record for results

Digital forensics or incident response solutions can provide you with the analysis you need to make critically strategic decisions. Here is a brief list of what we can help you with:

  • Mobile phone forensics
  • General data recovery
  • Internet monitoring
  • Employee misconduct
  • Financial tampering
  • Computer crime
  • Cyberespionage
  • eDiscovery
  • Penetration testing

Some of the information that can be recovered:

  • Deleted incoming/outgoing/missed/drafts of call history or emails
  • Visible and hidden chats (Skype/WhatsApp/SMS/IRC/Viber/Webchat)
  • Deleted images, GPS locations, deleted GPS history, internet history or deleted internet history.
  • Bluetooth activity
  • Social network activity, geo logins or logs.

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