Data Recovery

Forensics and Data Recovery for Businesses, Individuals or Attorneys


  • Recover any data saved to an iPhone, Android phone, SIM card or Windows devices
  • Recover text messages, call logs, images, contacts, documents, PDF’s, photos, music, etc.
  • Voice Logger Stick will record calls and surroundings from any Windows PC
  • Automatic emails are sent via the Stealth Audio app when audio is recorded
  • Dedicated USB stick will locate pornographic images and videos even if deleted


The Paraben© Data Recovery & Digital Investigators Kit comes with six different USB sticks that can recover data and capture things others may try to hide. To start, three of the USB sticks will help you find data on iPhones, Android phones, or directly from a SIM card. Next, there is one dedicated to finding files and data directly from Windows devices. On top of that, one of the USB devices will specifically find pornographic images and videos. Lastly, there is a Voice Logger USB stick that records all audio within its vicinity and will send you emails automatically to inform you that it has recorded something. For all of these USB sticks, just connect them to any computer (phone recover units will connect their other end to a phone), and an easy-to-use interface will appear and recover data with the click of a button. This is great for recovering accidentally deleted files, monitoring employees using company devices, concerned parents ensuring their children are safe when online, or for suspicious significant others worried their partner might be cheating. This complete investigation kit will protect you, your loved ones, and your business in this digital age.