David Grunwald Remains Believed To Be Found – Teen Arrested for Murder

PALMER — Remains believed to be those of missing Palmer teen David Grunwald were found by Alaska State Troopers near Knik River Road on Friday at 2 p.m.

Palmer teen Erick Almandinger, 16, has been charged as an adult with kidnapping and murder in the first degree in the case. Troopers said they have identified others involved in the murder, but have not yet made additional charges. Almandinger was arraigned Saturday morning.

Grunwald had been missing since Sunday evening, on Nov. 13.

Brenda Paradise, a private investigator with the non-profit Guardian Search and Investigations, said that out of the 425 missing persons cases she’s worked on over seven years, Grunwald’s case sticks out.

“I never, ever thought I would see such dark evil in small town Alaska,” she said. “Knowing what happened to this boy, it’s time to clean up this town. It’s time to take out the trash. I don’t want the death of David to go in vain. This isn’t over. This is just the beginning. Now it’s time for justice for Grunwald.”

Guardian Search and Investigations, a non-profit that serves veterans and their families, partnered with Alaska Investigation Agency, and fed leads to troopers, whom Paradise lauded for their hard work in the investigation. She also thanked the hundreds of volunteers who searched for Grunwald.

Paradise said that leads in the investigation pointed early on to Erick Almandinger, who was charged in the case, and to other perpetrators as well.

“Everything from the beginning had pointed to the same people,” she said. “I do believe that more (arrests) will follow.”

She said it’s time for the community to come together to support the Grunwald family and assist troopers with information to get “a solid conviction for these people and clean up this town.”

Alaska State Troopers are still asking for help from the public with any leads, including surveillance video that might have captured Grunwald on the evening of Nov. 13 or his vehicle, a 1995 blue Ford Bronco that was found burned near Schrock Road in Wasilla the day after Grunwald went missing

Troopers said the remains discovered on Friday have been sent to the Office of the Medical Examiner to confirm the identity and investigate manner and cause of death.

Grunwald’s parents were not immediately available for comment.


Source: http://www.frontiersman.com/news/grunwald-s-remains-believed-to-be-found-teen-arrested-for/article_85d3ba62-b99c-11e6-ba49-4f30a47178a7.html

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