U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, And DEA to Present Heroin/Opioid Addiction Awareness Events in Alaskan Communities


Alaska is Part of the National Epidemic

Anchorage, Alaska – U.S. Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced today that representatives from the      U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, and DEA are holding events this month in a series of rural Alaskan communities, as part of National Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week, to increase awareness about the dangers of opioids and heroin addiction.

The Obama Administration is announcing a “week of action” to raise awareness about the rising public health crisis caused by drug overdoses.  As part of this effort, the Department of Justice designated the week of Sept. 18-24, 2016, as National Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week.  Heroin and Opioid Awareness Week gives us the chance to educate the public about the dangers of heroin and opioid abuse, as well as how everyone can participate in the effort to help stop the epidemic that is killing so many of our children, friends and neighbors.  For those communities hardest hit by this epidemic it is truly terrifying, and it is spreading rapidly across the country, including Alaskan communities.

Here in Alaska, we are holding a series of community events.  Each will feature a screening of “Chasing the Dragon,” a documentary film collaboratively produced by the FBI and DEA, which depicts the harsh reality of heroin and opioid addiction.  The film was designed to better educate students and young adults about these drugs’ dangers and the tragic consequences that often accompany them.  The film will be followed by an interactive community discussion with federal, state, and local law enforcement partners, as well as behavioral health and medical professionals, about the issues that the film raises and how this epidemic is impacting Alaskan communities.

In addition, similar presentations are being held in schools in each community the U.S. Attorney’s Office, FBI, and DEA are visiting as part of this initiative.

Earlier this month, events were held in Kotzebue for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District’s Youth Leaders Program, and Kotzebue Middle/High School.  Yesterday, in Barrow, events were held for Barrow High School students, and the community.

Future community events are listed below:


WHEN:          MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016; 5:30-7:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Bethel City Hall, Council Chambers, 300 State Highway, Bethel, Alaska


WHEN:          TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2016; 5:00-7:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Discovery Center, 50 Main Street, Ketchikan, Alaska


WHEN:         THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016; 5:30-7:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Nome Eskimo Community Trigg Hall, 200 W. 5th Avenue, Nome, Alaska


WHEN:          WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2016; 7:00-9:30 p.m.

WHERE:        Kodiak High School Auditorium, 917 Rezanof East, Kodiak, Alaska


WHEN:         (Date/time TBD)

WHERE:        Petersburgh High School, 109 Charles W St., Petersburg, Alaska 99833

Additional events are being planned this fall in other Alaskan communities.

U.S. Attorney Loeffler commends the Alaska State Troopers and local law enforcement partners, as well as the behavioral and medical health professionals, in each of these communities for their assistance with these events.

Note:    Additional Resources and guidance can be found at: www.FBI.gov/ChasingTheDragon.

Press inquiries regarding logistics should be directed to Chloe Martin at Chloe.Martin@usdoj.gov

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Source: https://www.justice.gov/usao-ak/pr/us-attorney-s-office-fbi-and-dea-present-heroinopioid-addiction-awareness-events-alaska-0


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