Workplace Violence


Workplace Violence

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor Workplace Violence Survey, there were 346,320 private sector workplace violent incidents reported in 2008. Nearly five percent of all private industry establishments experienced an incident of workplace violence in that year. The report states that 34.4% of the companies reported that the incident had a negative impact on their employees. The report further states that 8.8% of the companies did not have a work place violence prevention program and 10.8% did.

Half of the largest establishments (1,000 or more workers) reported an incident of workplace violence in the last year. Forty-eight percent of private businesses in this category reported work place violence incidents that were criminal (15%), customers (23%), co-workers (32%) and domestic (24%).

Employees can be affected in a number of ways resulting lower moral, decreased fear, preoccupation, lower productivity, and higher absenteeism. The end result of all of this was of course increased employee turnover (the most costly loss to any employer who invests time and money in their employees). Employees in 36% of the establishments who had an incident of workplace violence in the previous 12 months reported being negatively affected. Over 70% of establishments, including government agencies, did not have a formal policy to address workplace violence in 2005.

Your Bottom Line

If you are anticipating a high conflict situation; such as a pending termination or confrontation in the workplace; then call us immediately. We can provide personnel to standby in the event that violence occurs.


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