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(Text 9078873888 for terms and rates)




(Text 9078873888 for terms and rates)




(Text 9078873888 for terms and rates)




(Text 9078873888 for terms and rates)


pi camera guy

Alaskan private investigators are now able to list their business listing information on this site for direct leads. Contact us for more information on terms. Text or call 9078873888 for information. Businesses listing requests are approved on a case by case basis.

Self-Implementation Products For Aspiring Private Investigators

Starter Package

Private Investigator Basic Operational Roadmap & Small Business Explosion Ebook

Outline: This product is designed to help accelerate an aspiring private investigator to eventually become a formidable private investigator.

  • Contents: Background systems; recommended gear; equipment; sample agreement content; sales mindset & strategy; networking/groups; licensing; case management



Entrepreneur Package

Entrepreneurial Roadmap for Private Investigators

Outline: This product is designed to help the aspiring private investigator and/or current private investigator become “unstuck” and accelerate their entrepreneurial journey as a private investigator

  • Contents: Recommended groups; recommended mentors; recommended books; recommended courses; necessary skill sets; a 0-60 advertising section;



Power Package

Power Package

Outline: This is a combination of the two products mentioned above; plus a bonus section on how to deal with toxic clients

  • Contents: Everything mentioned in the top two products. This is the best deal we have.



Please inquire on the form below or call (907) 887-3888

Product disclaimers: These roadmaps are intentionally short, yet packed full of actionable information. It is unlikely that you will become a formidable private investigator overnight. There is no guarantee that these products will help you obtain your measure or expectations of success. In order to make these products work for you – you must actually do the work. In some cases, you will have to problem solve and/or learn on your own. These roadmaps are not comprehensive. These products are intended to empower you, not perfect you. These products are not “magic pills”. It’s strongly suggested that you do not quit your job if you currently rely on one because it does take some time to properly implement these products. This is something you build over time. There have never been refunds and never will be, even if you may not “like” or “approve/endorse” these products after knowingly purchasing. States laws/licensing differ per state for the private investigator, so you will have to research those requirements on your own in the state that you plan to operate in.


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