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Our experienced anchorage private investigators in Alaska have a decade of knowledge, integrity and unparalleled access to resources. With our strong commitment to our client’s satisfaction, we routinely deliver amazing results with great turn around times. We have worked with clients around the United States and also internationally on cases involving business matters, background investigations, asset research, infidelity investigations, locating people and locating missing property. Our consultations are always free, discreet and confidential.

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Contact us for a free confidential consultation. We will assess your situation then create a plan of action to resolve it.

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Many Of You Are Facing Complicated Problems That Require Unique Plans Of Action

Alaska Investigations Group is your KEY INGREDIENT to finding answers and reducing confusion. Our unique investigative process is literally your best choice as it has been for COUNTLESS OTHERS before you.

If you simply do not know what is happening or you want to confirm if something is actually happening then our anchorage private investigators are your solution.

Imagine sleeping better at night, knowing correct information, making the right decisions based on reality, knowing how to navigate that relationship, etc…

The problem is most people do not take that extra step. A leap of faith is sometimes required and that can feel a little uncomfortable; however, comfort zones are never the answer.

The empowerment of finally having your feet on the ground is priceless.

At The End Of The Day, We Can Only Blame Ourselves If We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

You can continue to wait or use this opportunity to create. You can find the answers you crave to give you the confidence and clarity you seek.

You can gain the situational awareness that you have been longing for to make the key decisions that you know you will need to make. Relief is within reach.

Our private investigators have been through countless challenges and are seasoned to help you find solutions to your situation.

If you’ve come to this page time may be of the essence. ALL YOU HAVE TO LOSE IS TIME ITSELF. If confusion, inaction or fear drive your decision making, then these services may not be for you. On the other hand, if you are ready for something new, convenient, credible and fast, then we are ready to help.

Here Are Your Three Choices

1. You can do nothing

2. You can do it yourself

3. We can help you

To begin, simply reach out to us above, we will have a consult, discuss your situation, agree to terms then begin research or operations. We will either find information you did not have in the first place or confirm what you may already know.

When you decide to ask for our help you are accessing over a decade of college educated top rated professional investigative and intelligence experience.

Alaska Investigations Group has been recognized on numerous occasions as ONE OF THE BEST PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS IN ALASKA. In addition, our anchorage private investigations agency has the highest public rating in the state of Alaska. It doesn’t get any better than that. We are a full-service company with a formidable team of highly experienced anchorage private investigators. Alaska Investigations Group has an unrivaled reputation; to include, mountains of evidence to support these claims for providing first-class investigative results. Alaska Investigations Group provides services for individual private matters, law firm projects or corporate projects in Alaska. Our anchorage private investigators operate throughout the entire state of Alaska, except Fairbanks. All of our work with our clients is always strictly confidential.

Our professionalism is far beyond reproach. We work diligently to ensure your interactions with our anchorage private investigators will leave you with a sense of calm, confidence and certainty. We never rush cases through our door. We do not take all clients that wish to use us. Our anchorage private investigators strive to either confirm or deny what you already know or find information that you did not already have in possession before you found us. Your confidentiality is always 100% as if you are working with a lawyer. Our anchorage private investigators will never share any sensitive case information with an unauthorized third party under any circumstances. We guarantee razor sharp confidentiality.

Hardly anyone traditionally anticipates needing private investigation services, but unbeknownst to many, there are times when private investigation services can become not only necessary, but critical. There are a plethora of significant benefits for the clients who choose to work with Alaska Investigations Group. With us on your side, you can be assured that your case remains completely confidential, even during our free consultations.

Alaska Investigations Group is an Alaskan-based private investigations agency that has over 10 years of combined experience participating in criminal and civil investigations. Our group includes former intelligence personnel that hold college level education. We have access to cutting edge databases that can provide you with the most current and most accurate information for either strategic or tactical purposes.

We work with private businesses, law firms, lawyers, insurance companies, local government entities as well as private parties. We offer a broad spectrum of services; to include, infidelity identification, child custody, physical surveillance, background investigations, criminal investigations, GPS unit preparation, locating vehicles, bug hunts, locating people, recovering deleted data or just simple research projects.

We are available 24/7/365 to discuss whatever situation you may be facing.

If you are not sure about hiring a private investigator, that’s totally understandable. There is NEVER any rush to contact us. If you’ve made it this far, please subscribe to our private AIGVIP email list so we can share with you our product showcases and blog posts.

We do not sell your information to 3rd parties and never will. All interactions are always considered confidential at all times.

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  1. Joshua cremonese says :

    Hello I was wondering if you could find my fathers side of family I only have a name and birthdate

  2. Caroline says :

    I would like to screen a new tenant

  3. KEITH COOK says :

    Discovered my ex wife had a sham marriage in Alaska and never obtained divorce

  4. Megan says :

    Need to have a trustee of my father’s trust investigated.

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