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100% Alaskan Veteran Owned

Best Private investigators  in Anchorage


  • BBB Grade A
  • Attorney General Disclosures Available
  • 2014 Alaska Bar Association Sponsors
  • 2014 Alaska Paralegal Association Sponsors
  • Owner LinkedIn Profile (Click here)
  • Owner Previously Licensed Bail Bondsman
  • Owner Previously Approved For Several 3rd Party Supervision Appointments for Criminal Defendants by Anchorage and Palmer Superior Court Judges As A Private Pretrial Services Officer
  • Owner Previous Military Intelligence
  • Owner Blog (Click here)screenshot_20190117-113725_gmail

Our Anchorage private investigators are mostly comprised of ex-military, ex-law enforcement, current/prior paralegals and legal support professionals. Our group of Anchorage private investigators contain a vast and legitimate skill set to fit your unique needs. Our Anchorage private investigators can support you with conventional surveillance techniques, technical surveillance techniques, civil cases, criminal cases, legal support, records research, skip-tracing, tenant screening, multi-source background investigations and of course workers’ compensation. For more information do not hesitate to call our Anchorage private investigators at (907) 887-3888. Our Anchorage private investigators will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability. 

PIchick   pi camera guy

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