Corporate Espionage

corporat espionage

Corporate Investigations

Whether the corporation is manufacturing, retail, wholesale, service, hospitality or has a high technology focus; it is probably experiencing some form or fashion of employee theft. Our investigative process includes the assessment of each unique circumstance and situation. We then apply the proper investigative techniques that will obtain the evidence to recover the losses or help you build a case to prosecute known or suspected losses. We present a complete package for the local law enforcement agency to file criminal charges, when or if appropriate.

Undercover Placement

As seen on the television series Undercover Boss… conducting interviews first is not the correct first response to internal/external theft, illegal drug use/dealing, intellectual theft, and mismanagement issues. The reason for this is because any suspected illegal activity will adapt and grow even more sophisticated or cease all together; making the investigation substantially far more difficult. In these cases, extensive information can be obtained by utilizing the confidential placement of undercover operatives working as regular employees in your warehouse, office, retail center, or restaurant. We have an undercover placement program that is designed to meet your specific needs and provide daily verbal updates and weekly written reports.

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