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Background investigations can be instrumental in adjusting your strategy, decision making, risk management and overall protection of your family, friends or assets. Some common examples of using our Anchorage background investigations is to locate a hard to find person who needs to be served a summons or a subpoena, verifying address, criminal, civil or administrative information. Our Anchorage background investigations can be tailored to your specific and precise needs as to help maximize the effectiveness of our services. Our Anchorage background investigations can be used to help “screen” a potential dating partner found online, screen employees, generally verify disclosed information, help locate people who steal property, help find current address history, and more. Our Anchorage background investigations are legitimate and use legitimate resources and tools to conduct our investigations. Cheap search tools found on google are not an option. We go the extra mile and use the real thing, because we are the real thing.

Background checks are the new hype.  The term background checks or background investigations is hard to define, and its a word that gets overused or is just misunderstood.

Background investigation or background check types:

  • Background checks for firearm purchases.
  • Background checks for employment hiring or verification of application disclosures.
  • There are cheap and fast Instant Background Checks, which are often nothing more than alphabet soup of information that may or may not help you. Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not.
  • Government background checks for Top Secret, Secret or other miscellaneous SAP security clearances.
  • Babysitter or caretaker background checks.

Parents, spouses, potential spouses, employers, attorneys, paralegals, siblings… they all do them. You get the hint.

They can truly make or break your strategy and/or decision making.

Should I do a “Check” or an “Investigation”?

If you just want mere information given to you without any investigative screening into the information – then a check is probably the best route. If you want an investigation where the information is reviewed by an investigator – then a background investigation is hands down your best route .

Asset Investigations

Asset investigations. What are they and why would you need them? Asset investigations help a litigant identify potential assets that someone may have; such as, property, planes, boats, RV’s, vehicles, etc.

The reason people want to identify assets is to help litigants figure out if someone may be worth suing or not. Asset investigations also help plaintiffs figure out what they can go after if they have secured a judgement against someone. For example in Alaska, several plaintiffs already know that they can go after someone’s Alaska Permanent Fund Divident (PFD). It happens all the time and several creditors go after the Alaska PFD’s every year. Similarly, someone can also execute against other known assets. This is where asset investigations play a key role and help identify assets and also help identify if someone anything worthwhile or also to help determine is someone has lied about their assets under sworn oath.

Another example of the value of asset investigations is to determine if some criminal defendants are lying about their income or assets to the court system. Many criminal defendants may misrepresent themselves to obtain a free attorney. Our investigations can help determine if defendants are indeed hiding sources of wealth that they could use to fund their cases.

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