How Private Investigators Can Help Protect a Brand’s Intellectual Property

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photo by Michal Hvorecky

Counterfeiting costs the world economy billions, funds extremism, and endangers countless lives.

Here’s how professional investigators can help protect companiesand consumers.

Counterfeiting is a huge global problem, accounting for an estimated  $600 billion annually, or as much as 5-7% of global trade.

Some have called it the world’s second oldest profession. Roman historians wrote of counterfeit coins, and artifacts may have been forged or altered to increase their value as early as the Egyptian and Babylonian empires.

Counterfeiting is theft — an infringement of the legal rights of an owner’s intellectual property. Popular goods such as clothing, purses, DVDs, footwear, CDs, electronics, drugs, and software are manufactured and illegally sold under a brand’s name, without the permission of its owners — a black market that costs the world economy billions.

The Hidden Costs of Counterfeiting

Think counterfeiting is no big deal? Consider…

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