Bug Hunts

They happen. They are real.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) a.k.a. “Bug Hunt” or “Bug Sweep” is the best way to anticipate active or passive eavesdropping attempts by 3rd parties, (i.e., GPS trackers, hidden cameras, hidden recorders, etc). Virtually any common object can be a hidden camera; which means the sky is the limit on the ease of eavesdropping. Our Anchorage bug hunts (often called bug sweeps or electronic sweeps) can give you the peace of mind you need to get past this incredibly strange part of your life.

The FBI claims that approximately 2 billion dollars per month is lost as a result of their competitors espionage attempts. Major corporations throughout the world are constantly in need of Anchorage TSCM protection or Anchorage bug sweeping services.

Our Anchorage bug hunt equipment is tried and true. We can detect ranges on the electromagnetic spectrum from 1 megahertz to 10.5 gigahertz (military grade detection). We also conduct passive inspections when we actively hunt for devices/frequencies.

Examples of services:

  • Hidden camera sweeps
  • Residential bug sweeps
  • Business bug sweeps
  • School bug sweeps
  • Government bug sweeps
  • Aircraft bug sweeps
  • Vehicle bug sweeps
  • Office bug sweeps
  • Remote bug sweeps

Examples of real world situations:

corporat espionage

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