Discreet Outdoor Surveillance: Behold The Fake Tree Stump Camera


Sometimes a simple game camera can produce great results; however, game cameras aren’t always ideal because they aren’t often easily concealed and can attract attention. If you are truly looking for the most discreet outdoor option available you should consider the fake tree stump camera.


This fake tree stump from KJB conceals a camera for hidden surveillance. It does not attract attention, making it perfect for outdoor surveillance. The tree stump is also weather-resistant and is safe for outdoor use. The hidden camera is WiFi-enabled so it can stream footage directly to your phone using an app. Within the app, you can toggle between day or night mode, with built-in infrared sensors making it capable of nighttime capturing. The app will also send you push notifications when the motion sensors on the camera are triggered so you can check in in an instant. On top of that, it comes with a 32GB microSD card and supports cards up to 128GB for recording HD 1080P video that you can view at your leisure. Finally, power for the camera can either be direct from standard outlets or is provided by the included rechargeable battery pack. With direct power, you do not have to worry about missing video footage because of low batteries, but the battery pack will provide power even if there is an outage, so you are covered. The battery allows the camera to record for 16 hours continually or it can last up to 90 days on standby.


  • Fake tree stump with concealed 1080p HD spy camera
  • WiFi-enabled camera for remote viewing and alerts from mobile App
  • Motion detection sensors send push notifications in app when triggered
  • Infrared sensors for nighttime footage
  • Day and night mode can be switched automatically
  • Can record footage to included 32GB microSD card for viewing later
  • Supports SD cards up to 128GB in size (see accessories)
  • Powered by AC power or included rechargeable battery pack
  • Battery lasts up to 16 hours continuous recording or 90 days on standby
  • Waterproof IP67 rated for use outdoors
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • App includes an optional audio recording setting (before you enable, check your state and local recording laws)

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