Alaska Courtview Watch

Alaska Investigations Group (AIG) can help you with your monitoring of parties that are involved in your case. Parties often try to search court cases in Alaska CourtView themselves as often as they can, but often may forget to search Alaska CourtView, are just too busy to constantly check on someone or just get annoyed by constantly checking someone on Alaska CourtView. It happens. Life moves on. Unfortunately, something “may” happen while you drift away and/or you may miss out on hearings or other relevant information that you may need to know about in a timely manner. Allow Alaska Investigations Group (AIG) to take the load off.

We can monitor whichever case or person you want; then provide you subsequent notifications as we discover any new information that you would like us to pass onto you. Our pricing for this service is extremely low and can be useful for a variety of different budgets and/or circumstances. This service can serve as an invaluable asset, especially if you wish to focus on other matters and are sick of researching people yourself. We get it. You have a life to live and cannot afford to waste more time searching other people.

Pricing Options:

1. Basic Alaska CourtView Watch: (1) search per month: $9.95

2. Moderate Alaska CourtView Watch: (2) searches per month: $14.95

3.  Intensive Alaska CourtView Watch: (4) searches per month: 24.95

You may contact us on the form below or simply call us at (907) 887-3888