Rouge Private Investigators

Rouge Private Investigators

This news article is being shared primarily for awareness to consumers in Alaska. This article is about UK private detectives; however, it’s particularly important to Alaskan consumers. Similar to the UK, Alaska does not have any regulation over private investigators. The UK and Alaska are “consumer beware” markets. Alaska has been victimized by criminal private investigators in the past; and will continue to do so in the future if oversight is not established. The best thing anyone considering hiring a private investigator is to investigate the legitimacy of the firm and/or the investigator they are preparing to call in Alaska.

Do they have an ethics policy?

I know that may sound a bit odd when you think about it… private investigators who have ethics. Is there a such thing? The answer is yes. Especially with Alaska Investigations Group. The bottom line is that private investigators are not to break the law; such as, stalking, electronic stalking, harassment and/or trespassing.

The key for consumers is to realize the potential negative impact that criminal private investigative efforts have on your case. If you hire a private investigator in Alaska; make sure you are hiring an agency with an unwavering ethics policy and they are privy to Alaska Statues.

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