Private Investigators are “Scary” – Myth Dispelled – Fears Articulated

Sometimes people are in a stuck in a rut and are forced to innovate, strategize and adapt when they feel victimized or vandalized. They often do not know what to believe or what information to consider credible. They often feel wronged, but, they feel that they must take action… ANY ACTION… but they do not specifically know what to do. They believe that someone must help them, but they do not know who or how? They often consider that hiring a private investigator must be the way to go since it’s more affordable than an attorney; although, they feel that it’s SCARY to hire a private investigator; which concerns many people and they often do not follow through with hiring one because of this aforementioned fear. They defer to hiring an attorney and often waste thousands of dollars for the same work a private investigator could’ve done…

First thing is this: Hiring a private investigator does NOT have to be scary when considering the current scary situation a person may be in… My quote: “If you fear evil, while walking through the valley of the shadow of death, then hiring a private investigator is the answer”.

Hiring a CREDIBLE private investigator is fighting fire with fire.

They take the load off your back and exert due diligence on your behalf. They manage this fear and find the answers you seek to help you escape this fear and move forward with your endeavors. Solid private investigators will work with your attorney and provide reports of dates, locations, associations if need be. They will belong to an agency and will be more than a one man operation working out of their basement.

Second thing: People are often afraid that using a private investigator will destroy their relationships and/or reputation. I will be the first to say that is VERY TRUE. This knowledge and association is “TOP SECRET”.

When you hire a private investigator you must confirm that they are going to use 100% confidentiality. For you, that means no conversations took place and no associations exist. It’s a “CovOp”.

My recommendation is to obtain a pre-paid phone to speak with a private investigator or send a friend to speak for you. This always ensures your anonymity.

Third thing: CovOps is a prime example of due diligence, ensuring your anonymity and confidentiality. Visit them at

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